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If you're asking how to create behaviour change and strategies that deliver long-term sustainable impact, visit How on Earth, our dedicated behaviour change arm of the business.

What's new?

News - 03/03/15

We are happy to anounce that we have launched our brand new Corporate Culture website.

Check it out here: http://corporateculture.co.uk

News - 20/02/15

As thoughts turn to Spring and the changing of the seasons, we are seeing many of our clients looking at the need to engage with their employees, customers and other stakeholders to effect sustainable culture change within their organisations.

Moving your business forward and keeping it sustainable is vital in today’s environment and engaging with all your stakeholders is the first step along the journey in ensuring that your business transforms.

News - 05/02/15

A recent report into the internal communications sector interestingly highlights priorities for this year include:

1. Developing/refreshing internal communications strategy
2. Improving electronic channels
3. Leadership communications
4. Improving communication planning

This would echo the type of work we’ve been involved in over the past few months. The areas where our clients are valuing some fresh thinking include:

News - 29/01/15

This week it was announced that figures suggest 5,000 fetuses and babies die every year as a result of mums smoking during pregnancy. And it is claimed it can cost the NHS annually up to £64m for problems in mothers and up to £23.5m for infants.

But a new study suggests financial incentives, in the form of shopping vouchers, can motivate pregnant women to quit the habit. Women who were offered the shopping vouchers were significantly more likely to quit smoking (23%) than those in the control group (9%).

News - 16/01/15

Plans are now well underway for the launch event of the latest in our series of sustainable success reports.