30th September 2013 by John Drummond

Does the media still have a remit to shine a light into the darker corners of our world? Is investigative journalism alive and well? Or are we witnessing its decline and death? And, if we are, should we care? Does it matter if people in power are held to account?

The birth of modern investigative journalism is easy to track. The pioneer of what was called ‘new journalism’ was William Thomas Stead, the son of a Northumberland minister. He introduced a great deal of what we recognise today in the press: maps, graphics, sub-headings, interviews.

18th September 2013 by John Drummond

Today we have published new research into the views of leaders in sustainable behaviour change which, sheds new light on their priorities and motivations.

The research, conducted in partnership with GSB, Business in the Community and ComRes, shows that 94% of people already engaged in sustainable behaviour change believe it is important in reducing their impact on society and achieving long-term success.

13th August 2013 by John Drummond

If we are creative, we can change the world. That is one of the key messages that came out of TED Global in Edinburgh this year. Here are some examples.

Andreas Raptopoulos believes there is potential to create a physical web where quadicopters can deliver urgent supplies and medicines in areas where there are no roads or where roads are poor.

16th May 2013 by John Drummond

There is a crisis in capitalism”, Dominic Barton, the CEO of McKinsey & Company said in a keynote speech in the City of London last night.

A simple summary of his argument has three steps:

One, there are three compelling reasons for change:

1st March 2013 by John Drummond

Don’t you love joining the dots?

Am I wrong in putting these three things together:

Tobacco company helping people stop smoking?
• British America Tobacco have made a strategic acquisition of a company called CN Creative which makes electronic cigarettes; the New Scientist says that a tobacco giant helping you quit smoking is a welcome change.