Biffa - i for safety

The waste management sector suffers from high rates of accidents, injuries and fatalities. So when Biffa, the UK’s largest waste collection, management and treatment business, asked Corporate Culture to help employees put safety first, every time, to improve its safety record, we knew that personal engagement and training would be key.

We started by engaging and training Safety Improvement Teams at each of the company’s locations. To help them act as local champions for all safety issues, we ran a series of training sessions and workshops with team leaders, which gave them the knowledge and responsibility to drive sustainable behaviour in their own teams.

In parallel, we created a business-wide communications campaign, ‘i for safety’. This encouraged employees to take greater responsibility for their own safety, and for that of their colleagues, ultimately reducing accident and injury rates.

We built the campaign around the idea of personal responsibility, using simple visuals and direct messages to highlight the role of individuals, and the results of safe – and unsafe – behaviour. A striking ‘i’ icon was instantly recognisable, and also worked as a signpost for information.  

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