tRIIO is a Gas Distribution Strategic Partner to the National Grid, formed in 2013 as a joint venture between Morrison Utility Services and Skanska UK.

Commissioned to deliver an eight year, gas pipeline infrastructure project in London and the east of England worth £1.6 billion, tRIIO’s role calls for a much greater emphasis on customer service, efficiency, safety and reliability, innovation and sustainability than ever before.

With employees from no fewer than four individual organisations, all with their own unique cultures and ways of working, brought together into a new company, tRIIO appointed Corporate Culture to help develop an employee engagement and culture change strategy and delivery plan that:

  • Creates a sense of common purpose for all employees, working together as part of one team, whatever their origins
  • Informs and motivates tRIIO people about the new organisation’s strengths and their role in developing and maintaining a new energy network for the UK
  • Helps to build focus and understanding of National Grid’s objectives and regulatory targets.

Informed by companywide focus groups, our starting point was to support the development of a set of tRIIO values and aspirations and an internal communications plan.

And to articulate the direction of travel, we created a series of simple infographics to tell the story so far and to share the ambition for the future.