Painting a unique global picture of conservation

With the pressure on the natural environment accelerating, accompanied by unpredictable shifts in political and economic power, WWF International recognised that, to continue to set the conservation agenda and attract support, it needed to transform the way it thinks and works.

Its Critical Contributions programme seeks to maximise the impact that each of WWF International’s 60+ Offi ces worldwide have within their own countries – and to promote integrated international working between Offices to share best practice, avoid duplication and create a truly global network of Offi ces, united behind a shared mission and priorities.

WWF International commissioned Corporate Culture to develop the core narrative that articulates the Critical Contributions programme and explains the tremendous benefi ts that will result from each Office defining its role and individual strengths, building an increasingly powerful – and unique–picture of worldwide expertise and experience.

We are now working on an extended pilot programme, providing a comprehensive but simple to use toolkit, containing a six step process and a range of tools, templates and checklists for individual Offi ces to use to defi ne their own Critical Contribution, Each Office’s Critical Contribution is then captured in a single infographic device and then shared with colleagues across the Network.

After successful presentations from the first pilot countries, the programme is now to be rolled out across the complete WWF Network by May 2015 and has already had a fantastic response with over half of the Offi ces using the toolkit in the first two months of launch.

Said WWF International Special Projects Manager Devendra Rana: “We have been very impressed with Corporate Culture’s strategic approach and its ability to devise communications materials that provide clarity, common purpose and an easy to use template for a truly global audience. We value their contribution as we begin the process of rolling this out across our Network.”